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W.W.G.B.P. The World Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owl
Weltarbeitsgruppe für Greifvögel und Eulen e.V.
Groupe de Travail Mondial sur les Rapaces

Publication: Birds of Prey Bulletin 4 (1991)

R. D. Chancellor &  B.-U. Meyburg (eds.) 1991

BIRDS OF PREY BULLETIN N 4    Download of articles ... Click here

WWGBP: Berlin, London & Paris

ISBN 0254-6388,   302 pp.

A collection of twenty-eight new and original studies by 41 authors from 20 countries world-wide on birds of prey and owls covering a wide range of topics concerning the biology, ecology, status and conservation of these birds. Contributions include: Trends, Status and management of the White-tailed Sea Eagle, Distribution and Status of the Cinereous Vulture, Evaluation of some Breeding Parameters in a population of Eagle Owls, Status and Biology of the Bearded Vulture, Replacement of Mates in a Persecuted Population of Goshawks, Status and Distribution of Diurnal Raptors in Japan, the Migration of Birds of Prey and Storks in the Straits of Messina. This volume comprises 302 pages (size 14.5 x 21 cm, with cover in colour, many black&white photographs, stitched).

Raptor research
Raptor research